Monday, May 9, 2011

What is this on my pepper plant?

Everything is moving along quite swimmingly, but I can't help but assume that this squiggly stuff is not a good thing. It's on my Chinese 5 color pepper plant. Any help and advice would be GREATLY appreciated! I need to know what it is and how to treat it please. (If you click on the picture, it will enlarge it)

Also, am I correct to assume this is an aphid? This would be the first one I've seen...

And...yet another potential problem/deficiency. Any identification/advice would be FABULOUS! This is also on a pepper plant.

Ok, on to the happy stuff...

My onions are looking awesome!

My sweet peppers (California Wonder) are doing great

Eggplant is looking good

A very happy tomato plant


Bodie is enjoying the warm (horribly hot) weather

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Hey Jules! Congrats on the progress of your plants... you're so far ahead of me there in Austin - I'm jealous!

    The problem on your pepper is an insect called leaf miner. Their larvae tunnel into the leaf, making those patterns you're seeing. In many cases, it's not fatal to the plant, but mostly unsightly. That said, the bugs CAN potentially spread diseases, so it's not ideal. They're tough to control - I'd recommend removing and destroying the affected foliage right away, and make sure the plant has lots of food to keep growing vigorously. Here's a link with some info - it's Canadian, but still relevant!

    The second bug does look like an aphid. That said, if you've only got one or two, you're sittin pretty! Smoosh that bad boy!

    Finally, the mottled leaves look like a potential fungal problem. Again, just make sure the plant has good nutrition, and try to water deeply but infrequently, being careful not to wet the leaves if possible.

    I hope that's helpful. Good luck, and congrats again on your progress!