Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let there be seedlings!

Wow, 2 days after planting and I have little baby seedlings! Even James was excited to see them come up so quickly.

My entire row of arugula has come up...

along with some tomatoes

and a little bitty kale doing it's best to unfold

I'm pretty sure that if I sat and stared I would actually be able to see the little seedlings break the surface - there are even more just since I took these pictures earlier today. I love my little babies!


  1. Great job Jules, make me want to go out and get some jiffy pots.
    I started some scotch bonnet peppers yesterday.
    Tomorrow I will be sowing some lettuce and carrots seeds.

  2. I love seedlings! So rewarding to see them come up. Can't wait to see your raised beds. Jealous of that!