Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Digs

I know some baby seedlings who got new digs today!

It looks like all those little plastic potting containers from plants we've bought in the past would have come in really handy right about now. I went by Home Depot and Gaddy's (a small, local nursery) to see if they had any extras that people returned. Nope. Surely, someone keeps these right?? I've checked Craigslist too and no luck. Hmmm. I went ahead and bought a few packs of the biodegradable pots that are about the same size as the plastic ones I was looking for. They were about $2 for 10. Not bad, but I really hoped I could recycle some plastic ones instead. Such is life.

Since I refuse to give up on my search for free plastic pots for transplanting, I only bought 3 packs today. Therefore, only the seedlings that looked like they really needed a bigger space got moved today.

So far, EVERYTHING I planted has come up except for the lavender. Well, at least a few of everything I planted. It's very exciting! Almost all of the plants already have their first set of true leaves as well.

Here is some kale

A sugar sweetie cherry tomato

A little cucumber showing off it's kicking new leaf

A happy red onion

A black beauty zucchini being a total show off with the biggest cotyledon and first true leaf

Today I bought some worm castings from Gaddy's. As soon as those seed leaves drop off, these babies are getting some worm poo!

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