Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seedling Update

My little babies are growing at an amazing rate. In fact, the first seed leaves are starting to shrivel up so I added some worm poo yesterday to my plants who are entering adolescence and dropping their baby leaves.

The first kiddos so far to lose their seed leaves were the broccoli rabe so they were the lucky ones to get some worm poo fertilizer added yesterday.

My lavender still never came up and I planted 12 seeds in 6 of the peat pellets so I'm not sure if maybe the seeds were just bad??

But, so far everything else is growing super fast - I've been transplanting like crazy into bigger pots.

Arugula plants

Cucumbers (with a few onion, peppers and tomatoes in back)

Zucchini (looks like they will lose their cotyledon soon)!

Kale, onion and tomatoes - which I can't wait to eat in a big, yummy salad!

Some nice looking (if I do say so myself!) cherry tomato plants

Eggplant and more kale (to be transplanted today hopefully)

And last, but not least, some branches that I pruned from our peach tree that are starting to bloom! It's beginning to look like Spring!

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