Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday, April 2, was a big day for my little seedlings. It was their very first time outside! I left them out for just a little over an hour in the shade and all seemed to be fine. I'm nervous though...I know the next week or 2 can really make or break them.

Everything is looking amazing - especially the kale. It's so beautiful I'm not sure that I will even want to cut it to eat it now! The tomato plants smell wonderful. The only plant I've had problems with so far is the arugula. Several of my plants "bolted" - they shot up and flowered which makes the leaves incredibly bitter and no longer very edible. They actually smell good though; you can smell the spiciness. I know that they bolt when they are under stress and it has been hard to get an even balance of too much/not enough water for them. I think that next time I plant them I will put them into larger pots so that they don't dry out so easily. But, I'm going to keep them around and see how they look as they flower. Maybe I will practice harvesting seeds from them.

Here are some pictures:

Pictures of peaches from our peach tree

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