Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Veggies In The Ground

Today was big...all my plotting and planning finally came to fruition. I guess we'll soon see how well I did! I put about 1/2 of my seedlings in my new raised bed and larger, individual pots. The other half...well, I'll be going to buy more pots and giving some away soon. No complaints here though - I'm just shocked so many plants came up and did so well. Hopefully they will continue to do well and provide us with some food soon.

Here is the bed full of plants. It may look sparse now, but it should fill in quickly. I need to add some trellises soon for the tomatoes and cucumber.


Red onions

Chard - direct sow

Cherry tomato


Goldman's tomato

Sweet peppers

Chinese 5-color pepper - My husband is thrilled about this plant with it's small, hot peppers


Here are some other plants around the yard that are loving springtime:

Elephant ears


Happy Planting!

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  1. The new raised bed looks beautiful! I'm so jealous of your sunshine...