Friday, April 29, 2011

Waiting for veggies...

Everything is officially outside now and I'm getting so anxious to finally get some produce. The suspense and waiting is killing me. I'm just dying to have my first tomato or pepper or squash. I'm trying to be patient and get on with other things, but it's hard! Hurry up little plant babies!

I have noticed some ants in my raised bed. Any suggestions from anyone out there on how to get rid of them organically? Other than that, I haven't found evidence of any other pests....yet. A few spider webs have popped up and I actually saw a lady bug yesterday. Good signs!

Here are a few new pictures...

There are a ton of birds hanging around and enjoying the bird feeders. So far, no issues with them bothering my plants and they are very vocal when the bird feeders are empty!

These are the latest plants to be put in pots

A spider web on a tomato plant

Chives started outside from seed

Everything seems to be doing well although I definitely had a few failures. My broccoli rabe and arugula bolted and surprisingly my zucchini and cucumbers aren't doing so hot. From what I've read, it seems that maybe I should not have started them indoors as they don't take kindly to transplanting. My scallop squash on the other hand though is doing amazing!

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